Quality Cabinets for Your Interiors

Want to make your spaces look unique? Our custom cabinets have multiple features and options that make your home upgrades easy. We have all the current styles available with us.

Cabinets are one of the biggest focal points of your home. Our vendors offer hundreds of door styles, a wide variety of colors, and a multitude of upgrades to help set your interiors apart from others. With multiple styles, colors, and finishes, cabinets can turn any old and outdated room into a new space.

Cabinets and More

B.A.C Products offers a multitude of customized cabinetry solutions, for all kinds of spaces and requirements.


Plywood Construction

Custom-built, wood features add style and luxury to your home. Be it an elegant or rustic look; we use high-quality hardwood and plywood that is prepared using high tech machinery.

Doors & Drawer-fronts

Our quick turnaround on additions and repairs ensures that the doors on your finely crafted cabinets are always high quality. If the door style you are looking for is not available with us, we can have them built for you!

Drawer-fronts add functionality to a cabinet and help to organize your workspace. All our standard drawer-fronts are designed out of high-strength plywood using a specially designed interlocking joint.



Without using strong and quality hardware, even a quality cabinet can become a problem. Our standard hardware includes fully concealed hinges and roller drawer slides. We also have many hardware upgrades available for your new cabinets.

Soft Close Options

Stop the slam on your cabinets with our soft close adapter that helps your cabinet door close smoothly. Easy to mount inside the cabinet, it can be adjusted to the desired closing speed with the turn of a screw.


Standard and Full Overlay

Standard overlay cabinets, also called traditional overlay have enough finger space on the side of the cabinet door, and therefore, do not require hardware. A full overlay, on the other hand, covers the cabinet’s entire face frame, making only a very small portion of the cabinet’s storage area viewable. Whether you need a standard or full overlay cabinet, B.A.C. has plenty of options available.

Thermofoil / Paint / Stain

Cabinets made from MDF use a coat of thermofoil coating. Thermofoil cabinets resist moisture better than other materials, such as plain MDF and wood. Whether you want to paint the cabinet or apply a coat of stain or laminate, we give you all the options.


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